: Mod Hell Sensor City Help!...track Tomorrow...

10-06-07, 02:07 PM
Good news - my new specter werkes flairs are super badaZZ (pics to follow when cleaner) but look better than the specter pics that they have IMO.

Bad news - They washed the car (without my consent) but it was a good gesture for sure and the water must have made its way to these sensors/circuits AGAIN -

Do these the circuits that connect to the APP sensor assembly also connect to the TAC module? The water from the extractor appears to drip after careful inspection in this general area next to the fuse box. Box is covered so these that are picutured are the most likely to get hit. Checked them and they looked dry but the switch in the picture by itself (1st) one had what looks like some white hardened water powder residue - (didn't look blown but looked disturbed)

Is the dealer my only option here or is this something that Napa or Autozone would carry?


Track day tomorrow is not looking too good. I have power but the reduced engine light comes on and I only have 2k rpms with the throttle mashed. I got home last night after going 25mph through town with the hazzards on - F'in ghetto!

codes are the same from the last incident (water from cleaning) but I have been really cautious when washing since then...

codes from my handheld reader - Pedal Position/Throttle position/APP sensor


10-06-07, 03:35 PM
Chef, can you decipher if these are current(C) or history(H) codes? Personally I'd let the engine get hot and unplug the sensors from the TAC and let them dry out. The TAC is raised from the fender so I don't think water could have dripped on it.

Let is know what you find out.


10-06-07, 07:08 PM
Any luck chef?

10-07-07, 08:29 PM
How are you doing with this?

Can you train a fan on the sensors and try to dry them out? What a PITA!?!

Since we haven't heard from you, I hope you're not limping through town again at 25 MPH at 2k RPM. :nono:

10-07-07, 08:40 PM
Just got back and YES I unplugged and re-torqued everything as well as disconnecting everything in sight.. Let it sit and passed the time checking suspension, spraying the fuse box black (er) as well as the radiator lid cover.

Let me tell you...The flairs are BADAZZ and the TOYO R888's are the SHIIIIIIIIAT - Until they get overheated:rolleyes: which got me a little loose but that's to be expected - 30 to 41 pretty quickly. Adjust and move on.

Lined up with the boys and the starter motioned me up from the 6th row to lead the exotics and said quite loud - "take it easy on these guys" - GT2's, GT3's, Caymen S, Carerra S's, GT-2 700 pkg, Ferrari's, Ford GT, Vipers (played with the same guy on the way to the track at 5:00a.m. this morning) he's a good guy -

Loads of fun and I filmed two sessions with the Bimmerworld bracket deal and either it sucks for track (vibration, ALL WIND which drowned out the engine or perhaps I'm not setting the handycam correctly? I'll try to clean it up and post anyways. Lots of photo guys snapping so I'll see if I can find them and post when they come up.

I LOVE 427ci.....OH MY....Also kept the car dropped with the flair kit which needed additional work on the fiberglass to fit but zero rubbing on 275 fronts!

Looking at the rear flairs I really could use 315's minimum:helpless: They make my 295's look tiny...

FYI - Drew Brothers Customs did the work...$1,800.00 donation to MOD HELL....He did mention they looked better than... Matt from Specter IS AWESOME and sent the flairs for a three day install/cure so it was just in time for track day. Channel 12 was out and interviewed most of our group ro an upcoming story. Tip - Use windsheild epoxy not auto-tape - They'll fall off easily out here like they did at Bondurant - Rob does the B cars too.


10-08-07, 01:33 AM
Way to go Chef. I can't wait for pics and vids.

The Tony Show
10-08-07, 11:30 AM
Most digicams have an option in the menu called "wind cut" or something to that effect- turn it on to get rid of the wind nose.

As far as the vibration, try to soften the mounting point with rubber or cloth, then check to see if there's an image stabilization on/off in the menu.

10-08-07, 12:40 PM

At first I thought this was just another bimmer guy doing something to that P-car...hmmm.

These guys were serious. They had a laptop with an external USB cord mounted on the lower part of his rolling work chair, all kinds of techie tricks and toys. The driver standing is Simon, driver of the 997 GT3 Super Cup. He pulled a 1:02.7 in that car. The car he is standing next to is Nathan's 996 GT3 Cup. Nathan's car has an installed AIMS data dash, Simon's car has Motec...

Tony - thanks for the tips! Here's another approved mount.


10-08-07, 12:58 PM
Glad you worked through it Chef, sounds like you are staying put with the V.
By the way, is that dude tinkling on the other P-car in your pic.

10-08-07, 01:04 PM
At first I thought this was just another bimmer guy doing something to that P-car...hmmm.

Maybe cooling off the seat or the P-car driver?:D

p.s. I never was passed once...