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04-25-04, 12:59 PM
Greetings - my name is Vic. Just came across this site last nite and leaped in. Hoping to find some good advice soon regarding purchase of a "new" 1985 Eldo. Has 14,400 original miles. It is totally pristine, absolutely like new. Only owner puchased it new. Car was driven for 3 years by that proverbial "little old lady" in CA who recently passed away. She garaged it in '87 & it has just been made available. Besides what we commonly know can occur to a car in storage all those years; and what has already been corrected, I think I might have a lot of questions for good folks on this site in near future about things to watch/check out. I pick up the car next week for a 900 mile drive home.
Some really interesting forums on the site, looks like a great place to hang.
Regards, Vic...

04-26-04, 08:21 AM
Welcome Vic!
Thanks for joining the forum! The Eldo sounds very nice. Good luck!

04-26-04, 10:53 AM
Paul -
Thanks for welcome. Guess I need to hang out for awhile to see how best to navigate this site. Suppose best thing might be to find an open forum/thread that relates to my question or comment and just reply (...or whatever). Right now I suppose my big concern would be what to expect driving this new guy hard for a couple of days enroute back to my home. Is there any particular thing that anyone here might recommend me looking at/checking before starting out?
Many thanks.

04-26-04, 04:12 PM
Sorry, I forgot to post a link with other info!
It sounded like you had thought of the important stuff (belts, hoses, tires, fluids and brakes). Maybe some basic tools, duct tape (cell phone!).
Good luck. Post some pictures when you get it home.