: Timing chains, Shaky drivers mirror, Ultra-view, oh-myÖ.

Tom Wheeler
10-05-07, 09:22 AM
After driving around my 07 V-6 with the check engine light on for the last 6 weeks my dealer finally got the new timing chains in and was able to do the work. It has been a bummer driving my SRX with the gas mileage of an 8 and the performance of a 4 for all this time.

While it was at the dealership I also had them do the free first oil change, fix my shaky divers mirror and check out/ repair the slow and sometimes stopping Ultra-view roof.

Here is a little report on the work they did in the day and half it was at the dealership:
They replace the timing chains and other related hardware, changed the oil, put on a whole new driver mirror assembly, lubed and replaced the rollers and guides on the roof, and without me even telling them, fixed the power window controls. I had forgot to tell them that the front two windows only did the express up or down, it was next to impossible to stop them at any mid run.

All in all I guess Iím impressed that they were able to do all this work plus find and fix problems not listed in the write-up in such short time. So far everything is working well after the repairs, the roof opens and closes quickly, the mirror doesnít vibrate at speed and itís great driving not having to push so hard on the gas just to maintain freeway speed. My hat is off to Crestview Cadillac of Rochester, Michigan.

Tom Wheeler