: 2009 Lincoln Navigator Gets 6.2L V8

Lord Cadillac
10-04-07, 04:45 PM
The 6.2L V8 engine is still in testing, but it's expected to be rated at around 425hp. This engine will be officially revealed and released in the 2009 Lincoln Navigator.

In the 2011 or 2012 model year, Ford will add a monster of an engine: a TwinForce version of the 6.2L V8 – delivering more than 650ft.lbs of torque and around 500hp. The new engine will deliver performance equal to, say, a Chrysler SRT-10, but with a smaller engine and better fuel efficiency.

10-04-07, 06:00 PM
About time Ford started making some decent engines. The twin force series seems to be badass but they just need to get them out now! That 3.5 TT V6 has been in the works for awhile but its time for it to be put into something. My vote goes to a new Taurus SHO!

10-10-07, 02:16 AM
Sal, I want to believe you. I really do. But Ford has a tendency to let us down. HOWEVER, if you've looked at the latest Mustang lineup and its 'steed for every need' there is obviously some life in FoMoCo.

12-29-07, 07:33 PM
They were talking about the 6.2 V8 for the Navigator when the new design came out late last year. I was hoping they would have offered it already. The new Navigator is a nice SUV but still lacks the performance of the Escalade. Hopfully Ford's $100 billion in CDO's won't catch up with them before their new engines are released.

12-30-07, 06:02 AM
The new engine can't fix the ugly.

12-30-07, 07:33 AM
maybe it will get its braces off by then?

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12-30-07, 01:28 PM
It is a love it hate it design. I like the look personally, it reminds me of the late 1940's Continentals. They do offer a monochromatic package that makes the top section of the grill body color which mutes the grill considerably. I also like the interior, namely the dashboard; it reminds me of the mid-70's Mark IV minus the big clock in place of a tach thankfully.

12-30-07, 02:57 PM
The new engine can't fix the ugly.No kidding. And not to rag on anyone here, but that is the WORST, WORST, dashboard and gauges I have ever seen in my life. At least in the 70s everything was tacky.

12-30-07, 02:59 PM
My vote goes to a new Taurus SHO!Are you kidding? The SHO name is legendary, but the Taurus isn't. I don't want another Taurus SHO, that would be ghey. A Fusion SHO? Absolutely!

12-31-07, 11:25 AM
No kidding. And not to rag on anyone here, but that is the WORST, WORST, dashboard and gauges I have ever seen in my life. At least in the 70s everything was tacky.

Could have been worse, they could have brought back the big clock. I still like the square, porportional look. It looks organized and clean, like a Cartier watch. However, the steering wheel is way to close to the dashboard and there is no telescoping feature; a glaring omission. You get used to it but it still seems awkward. Also, Ford is using way too much thin and cheap plastic these days, even in the Lincolns. I still like the look of the Navigator but it's not perfect.

12-31-07, 12:52 PM
Honestly, I think that dashboard theme that Lincoln is starting to use a lot now is just brilliant.

12-31-07, 02:45 PM
So brilliant, they threw the truck look into the MkZ. Ack!

01-04-08, 03:38 PM
The new Lincoln Navigator appears to have taken 1 page out of every chapter of the worst looking cars Ford produced in the 1970s.

On the flipside, its about damn time the Navigator bellied up to the table with a decent powertrain, the 300HP DOHC/SOHC is VASTLY underpowered for the size of the vehicle.