: Trans Fluid/Filter change and Coolant drain/refill...

10-04-07, 03:07 AM
Im lazy today and don't wish to spend all night searching, so i come forth with a couple questions

Concerning Transmission:

1. I assume this will be straight-forward however i know GM...there will be a trick to this...always is... - is there anything i need to look out for while doing this or just drop pan, remove "side plug", change filters, reinstall plug, reinstall pan, and fill with new Dexron VI?

2. Dexron VI is FREAKIN EXPENSIVE...between the 12qts of that i bought plus the 2 jugs of Dexcool i spent 101 dollars on just fluids alone! %^&*# THAT!

Concerning Coolant:

1. What is the best way to get the most old stuff out?

2. Where is the most accepted place to add the pellets (and in what condition i.e. whole or crushed)? i have the "official" GM tablets sitting here too along with True Dexcool coolant ready to go...

thanks guys!

10-04-07, 11:01 AM
Transmission..There's a lot of info on the threads, one tidbit is that there's a plug in the inside wall, behind a screen, which drains the fluid from part of the dry sump reservoir. FSM work. DEXRON VI sure is expensive....I think it's now a full synthetic hydraulic oil. (Imagine filling your transmission with 12 quarts of 10W Mobil 1, price-wise) Impossible to drain ALL fluid.

Coolant......Drop the lower hose. The FSM says that, because there are no block drains, 2 quarts will remain in the lower block, so remove the thermostat and flush the whole rig, allowing for 2 quarts of clean water in the block when you mix your new 60/40. 3 crushed tablets go in the lower hose before refill. After thermostat replacement and fill, allow the engine to warm and thermostat open. Watch coolant from the purge line. All air should slowly sputter out. Engine off. Top up to the surge tank mark. Watch it for a couple of days.

10-04-07, 06:15 PM
The trans "filter" is deep in the trans and only gets changed upon tear down. The two screens inside the pan are reusable, as is the gasket.

Reverse the flow on a shop vac and stick the nozzle in the surge tank (seal with your hand or a rag). That will blow out some residual coolant.

Tabs can go in the radiator hose whole. No need to crush them.