: Took my SRX to the dealer

Snow Thrower
10-03-07, 08:16 PM
So i took in my 04 SRX to the dealer yesterday for the stability system engaged message on the radio intermittently. I did it about 15 times going to the dealer. I drop it off get a rental and of course it won't act up for them. I go to pick it up today because they couldn't get it to do it. I take the service writer for a ride and yet again it didn't do it. Of course on my way home it does it turn around take it back. Finally on their 2nd test drive this afternoon it finally did it. So now i will see tomorrow if they know whats causing it. I have looked through here and all threads seem to point to the steering positoning sensor or something like that. Hopefully it will be a quick fix and i can get my car back tomorrow. I do want to say that the dealership has been very nice to work with. I wil be going back there as long as i have my car.

Moral of the rant. I hate intermittent problems.

10-03-07, 09:19 PM
"I hate intermittent problems" Agreed!

Yup--99% chance that it's the steering positoning sensor. It was for mine and several others here. Assuming that the dealer has it in stock (Mine NEVER has parts in stock!), it's a quick fix.

Snow Thrower
10-04-07, 11:22 AM
Yeah the dealer called this morning surprise surprise, after calling tech support they told them to put in the steering positioning sensor. The writer kinda laughed when he told me about it. I plan on giving him a hard time when i go pick it up this afternoon.

Oh yeah i was telling him about the forum and how everyone said the steering sensor.