: FS: 1996 Seville SLS

10-01-07, 01:15 PM
For sale - $2,100.

1996 Seville SLS. White exterior, burgandy leather interior. 150k mi. Chicago, IL.

I'd rate the body as fair condition. No damage, just minor dings as expected for a car of this age and mileage. It really looks like a nice car!

The good.
Freshly "rebuilt" motor. Timeserted all head-bolt threads; therefore all new head gaskets, upper engine gasket set, cleaned pistons and valves, flushed entire cooling system and refill w/ dexcool, new t-stat, new spark plugs.

New trans fluid and filter screens, new pan gasket.

Motor runs great. Should be good to go for many more miles now.

New window motors, all windows working great!

Limo tint on all 4 windows & rear - looks pimp!

Aftermarket 6-disc CD changer mounted in trunk.

The bad
Needs A/C recharge. Compressor ok, just never recharged after motor was dropped for timesert job.

Bad EBTCM (Abs module), means car has 2nd gear start. Needs module replaced. This is a $550 part, thus the low sale price.

Tires need to be replaced soon.

Bluebook private party sale value of $4,000 if everything is in perfect working order. Take this one for about HALF that!

10-01-07, 01:50 PM

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