: A/C Condensor removal ...

04-24-04, 12:04 PM
I have a 97' SLS and was wondering if I want to replace the condensor, do I need to remove the radiator to do it? Or will it wiggle out the front side?

I started taking apart the A/C this morning to replace the compressor and Accumulator and found a large ammount of metal in the oriface tube screen. It was not "black death", but just had a large ammount of metal chips. I am assuming the condensor in this model will be very difficult to flush? Does anyone have any experience with this?

04-24-04, 07:57 PM
Cant say for sure on the flush, but. If it is the type where the coils flow to follow only one possible path, you can effectively flush it. If the coils have multiple paths, or a choice of directions to flow, they are not effectively flushed. It can be done but takes a strong solvent like laquer thinner (watch the overspray), a lot of it for multiple flushes and alot of sustained pressure behind it. And then it is still not foolproof, you should also add in line filters. Not GM recommended but I've done it successfully. I Would add a large filter on the liquid (high pressure) line only IF you can place it before the condensor (as the orfice tube is already after the condensor) and also one on the suction line. All dependes on how you think the flush went and where you can install the filters.

You'll have to take the radiator out first to get the condensor.

Personally, if you have large amounts of metal in the orfice tube, I would replace the compressor now while the system is down. That is the only place the metal could come from so it is likely ready to fail. UNLESS the compressor was recently replaced (failed before), the system not being flushed properly BUT has a low side filter on it. I would probably still replace the compressor, but in a pinch if it has a low side filter you might try using it if it has been obviously recently replaced (preferably with a new unit). Don't try to flush the compressor. Even if it is a new compressor and was not intalled with any filters I would replace it.

Did you get any running pressures from it before you took it down?

04-25-04, 08:56 AM
I have a new compressor already. That was the reason I took the system down (it was not cooling). The low-side pressures was running 80psi and the high-side pressure was running 135 psi

I have heard that the suction reed valves failed in my old compressor, but I am not familiar with these... I am not sure if this affects the need to replace the condensor?


04-25-04, 01:47 PM
The only reason to replace the condensor would be if you cannot flush the debris from it or it leaked. Once you have it out you'll be able to find out about the flushing.