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04-24-04, 01:27 AM
My name is Billy and I live in Illinois "Home of the Whitetailed Deer. Whoever is responcible for creating and maintaining this BB, I want you to know how much I appreciate it. Doesn't it take a lot of your time? Do you sleep? Do you eat? I've been surfing around here for a few days. I decided to register and participate to the extent I have anything to offer. I've owned a 89 Eldorado for the last 12 years. It was a beautiful blue with blue leather interior. I hated to walk away from it as it was such a good car. I'm not lying, I saw tears coming from the headlights. Well, it was raining a little that day, but I still think it was really tears. Last Monday I bought my 2nd Cadillac. It is a 2001 SLS. I found it at a little Illinois country town Cadillac/Buick dealership. I paid $20,500 "out the door". I love my Caddys. I love the styling in and out and I love the gas mileage one can get even with a big engine. I laugh ha ha ha at the Consumers Report reviews! I laugh in their face ho ho ha ha ha. Who are these people? Why can't they get 25 to 27+ mpg on the highway like me? Well, It is lucky for this poorboy that used Cads are affordable. When I get behind the wheel of my Cadillac, I know I'm looking good passing all those other little 4 wheeled things that look like cars. When people see me and Debbi in our Caddy, they think we're Mr. and Mrs "Charley Potatoes". If they only knew, they could be Charley Potatoes too! I posted a question to the experts regarding the 2001 SLS, so I'm going to be watching for a reply. God is watching us!

04-24-04, 11:45 AM
Welcome aboard Billy, thanks for signing up :wave:

2001 SLS, I think youll be very happy about this.. Im sure we'll be able to help out your problem with your SLS!

Post some pictures!!

You ask how we can have a site like this. Well, Sal (the admin) is very dedicated, and we've got a very good team together..

Im not trying to impose or anything, but we have supporting memberships available.. http://www.cadillacforums.com/subscribe.html <---- Click there for information.....

04-26-04, 08:31 AM
Welcome Bill and Deb!
Its great to have you as new members! This is a very active site with much to offer. Many friendly and knowlegable folks here. Yes, takes some time out of our days to manage, but many of us would in here anyway! Our team has been hand picked, with the team approach it makes is easier to manage. Our thanks goes to :worship: Sal, for maintaining the best Cadillac site on the internet!