: Group 101 Battery Alternatives

09-27-07, 09:32 PM
I have never been a fan of Delco batteries. They're OK . . . but.

Here is part of a post from Heavymetals of about a year and a half ago
from the CTS forum:

The battery is a 690 cca ACDelco in a fairly new group size: 101. Not many places carry a group 101 battery, and those I found were pretty pricey. Now, it turns out that a group 101 is almost exactly the same width and length as a group 78 battery, and about a half-inch shorter. In the cts, incidentally, it sits on a battery tray that's at least that thick.

Solution: Wal-Mart MAXX group 78N. 900 cca. Warranted free replacement for 3 years, prorated replacement for years 4-9. Top of the group 78 ratings at Consumer Reports, and a best buy. Paid all of $68 + tax.

It's a tighter fit than the original, but not so tight as to require bending, cutting or hammering. I though I might have to 'adjust' the thickness of the battery tray, but doing so was not required.

Yesterday I was at a Walmart and got measurements for three of their batteries.

Model/Group CCA L inchs W H
MAAX 34/78S 700 10 15/16 6 7/8 7 1/4 Side + Top Posts
MAXX 34S 660 10 15/16 6 7/8 7 13/16 Top Posts
MAAX 78S 650 10 15/16 7 1/4 7 1/4 Side Terminals

Price for 34S was $68.48 and 78S was 62.28
I saw no mention for "78N." And of course, our local WalMart store being essentially self-service, there was no one whom I could ask. All MAAX products were clearly labeled as "distributed by Johnson Controls." Dimensional info above was from a booklet entitled "Everstart Application Guide.

CCA ratings on these batteries were lower than for the 78N mentioned by Heavymetal. Note "N" vs "S" in the model designation. Not sure reason. Perhaps Johnson has made some redesign or the rating method has changed in the interim. Perhaps the battery of two years ago was to capable vs the competition so Johnson pulled some plate surface out of the design.

Anyone know the dimensions for the Delco 101? Any other info or thoughts?

10-17-07, 12:53 AM
The new 2008 SRX has a different battery altogether. It is now a standard recessed TOP POST battery rather than GM's typical side post battery. The terminals have also been reversed; the positive terminal is now on the driver's side and the battery cables on older models are long enough to reach. A dealer could tell you what group number is being used.

My Wal-Mart carries the 78S, but no 78N or 101.

PS:The SRX also has unique fuses that are shorter than the mini. Not in stock at auto supply stores or specialty fuse companies such as Fuseco. Good luck.

10-17-07, 05:07 AM
My collection of fuses were certainly too large. Found out about the mini-mini fuses after buying some Littlefuse mini fuses. The fuse puller was still too large to pull the SRX fuse. Realized there is a fuse puller on the fuse box and pulled the 20-amp fuse in question to find out it is really mini.

10-27-07, 09:41 PM
Would still love to know if anyone has the measurements of the OEM Gp 101 battery.

Also good info to know that the fuses in the car are of proprietary size. Better to find out this way than at 2am on the road. Will get a few to put into glove box 'just in case.'

10-30-07, 04:51 PM
Finally had some free time and got the WalMart MAAX 78s battery for my 2004 6 cyl SRX. It fits fine.

Only tiny issue was that the WalMart (Johnson Controls) battery has a plastic carry handle that slides down to top of battery when not in use. There was a tiny bit of interference between this handle and the plastic battery cover (Cadillac factory installed) that goes over the battery after the battery is installed. I think the handle retained a tiny bit of curvature after I used it to pick up the battery. End result was that I was not able to fully engage and lock the two tabs (located on the driver's side of the battery) on the cover into the female slots. Nevertheless, the cover is there for cosmetic reasons only and isn't going anywhere anyway since it is retained on the top by the cowling (or whatever it is called) and associated outside air intake plenum that sits immediatley above the battery and below the bottom of the windshield. The battery connections also penetrate the cover on the front of the battery and the cables and connectors also hold the the cover in place.

If you choose to change your battery yourself, make sure you have lots of metric wrenches including a short 7mm socket and ratchet wrench to remove the hex head screws that hold the side of the air plenum and cowling on the side of the engine compartment where the battery sits. And also make sure you have an inch based wrench to remove the battery's cable connections.

The battery fits very snugly in its hole. Changing it isn't like changing the battery on your '57 Chevy. Also, the battery may stick to the bottom of the battery support and you may have to pry carefully to break the bond between the bottom of the battery and its support. You will not be able to move the battery in the slightest until you have broken this bond.

11-09-07, 12:21 AM
Try this other thread for more information and dimensions. See:


11-09-07, 05:15 PM
Thanks for link. Enjoyed reading the thread.

The posters are right about the battery. It is a bit anemic looking and on the small side. So is the hole into which it just barely fits. Must be both a cost cutting and weight cutting move so that the fleet average for gas mileage improves a bit. Thank the good Lord I live in a temperate part of So Calif (hasn't snowed around where I live since the 1930s). Plus, the engine is the V6 which should require a little less current to crank than the V8.

Having the dash mounted CD changer cycle CDs all night for several nights didn't help the battery one bit. Dealer changed out the CD changer on warranty, but I didn't ask for a new battery and they didn't offer.

BTW, my dealer charges about $235 to put in a new Delco Gp 101. My 10 year old son and I did it using the WalMart/Johnson Controls MAXX 78S for $68.28 plus tax and I trust he learned something.

10-10-13, 07:18 PM
Sorry to dig up this very old thread but i have something to add here, the S and the N means South and North, so if you live in the northern US/Canada you'll get N and S if you live in the south, the difference is the N batteries are designed for cold climates and the other way around S for hot climates.

10-14-15, 06:43 PM
I wish to express my gratitude. I purchased the 78s and it fit. A little taller than the 101, it worked out well. It cost half the price of the 101.

10-18-15, 07:49 PM
I also put in a MAAX 78S from Walmart last year and it has worked very well. It was a tight fit, but does go in. Although I remember squeezing a couple of finger tips as the battery slid into the hole. OUCH! :)

10-19-15, 12:52 PM
I installed a MAAX Group H6 from WalMart in our 2008. No problem, fit fine. Years ago I began looking at physical size (will it fit?), CCA and free replacement period, not necessarily the recommended group size. I was lucky that when I had 2 Buicks (LeSabre and Lucerne) I never had to pay to replace the battery located under the back seat.