: serpentine setup for 500?

04-23-04, 01:14 PM
Has anyone done this? Or know of someone who has? I've tried to contact March Performance but apparently they're not interested in my money.

Info, links, suggestions appreciated.

lux hauler
04-23-04, 05:58 PM
I heard of one person using a set-up from a Ford Taurus.....? Not sure what year or engine though. As far as I know, fab'ing something is the only way to get it done......no kits available.

04-24-04, 09:48 AM
Thanks, Once I get into the motor I'll have to measure the bolt pattern and such then try and cross reference something hopefully.

Or even easier, just pick a pulley I like, easily available, and inexpensive, just fill the holes with welds and re-drill them for the caddy crank.

04-29-04, 02:38 PM
Just an FYI for anyone who's interested. I spoke with Chris at Cad Company (www.cad500parts.com (http://www.cad500parts.com)) and he mentioned that they are gauging interest for a serpentine kit.

So if you're looking for one be sure to drop them a line and let em know what you'd like to see in a kit.

05-02-04, 01:30 AM
I was just discusing this topic with a friend of mine yesterday. I have a 368 in my 81 fleetwood, and I would love to have a serpentine system on it. I plan on puting a 500 in it later on but the 368 runs so good it would be a damn shame to just end it's life like that, it has less than 100,000 miles on it. If they end up making one for the 500, would it fit on my 368? those engines are quite similar on the outside.

05-03-04, 03:19 PM
To my knowledge no the accesories are not interchangable. However the majority of my know how relates to the 472 and 500's. I'm sure cad company could answer you in a second to be positive.

If they come up with a March Perf type setup though and spend some serious time engineering it...it could be a semi universal setup.

Be sure to contact them and express your interest(s).

07-19-04, 06:25 PM
I'm considering building a serpentine system for my car with a 500 caddy. Some of you more knowing than I Caddy folks can help greatly by answering a few questions for me! I seem to remember reading about an adapter that would allow running a chevy water pump on the 500 cad. Are any of you aware of such? Did Cadillac run a serpentine system on any of the same family of engines such as the 368? Looks like one hurdle would be getting a reverse rotation water pump...unless we could adapt one. My car has a Sanden compressor mounted beneath the alternator low on the passenger side. I've read some concern with the edelbrock intake and a factory compressor mounted high in the middle. Would the low mount compressor work for some of you in other applications?

barge master
07-19-04, 08:14 PM
What is the origin of this low mount set-up? It sounds really cool, but if it's stock I've never seen one. Elaborate please.

Night Wolf
07-20-04, 05:01 AM
What is a benefit from going to a serpintine setup then stock?

07-20-04, 10:58 AM
As far as origin of my low mount system, the best I can tell it is home made. It was on the car when I purchased it. I can try for some pictures, but I don't know how to post them. The set up looks great and really opens up the top of the engine. As far as benefits of a serpentine system. In my particular case I have one 3/8 belt running the water pump, 135 amp alternator and ac compressor. I'm quite surprised that one 3/8 belt is holding the load with the ac on, but it's holding for now. I could add a second belt, but I'm very limited on space as I only have 4 1/4 inches between the crank hub and the radiator. And I am going to install an electric fan in this space. Plus it would be much easier to change belts with a spring loaded tensioner!

barge master
07-21-04, 11:25 PM
If you're thinking about making a serp system, I wonder if the the aluminum brackets off a Chevy system could be converted to the Caddy somehow? You would almost have to start with something like that, unless you have your own show on Discovery or something.

08-04-04, 06:26 AM
Recently I saw some pics of a corvair that was getting a 500 on a THM-425 (I think). The guy went nuts with it. He removed the differential from it and put a tail shaft from a TH-400 on it so he cound use a solid axle flipped to make it drive backwards so he could mount the engine facing the back of the car. There are easier ways to do it, but that has to be the strongest.

Anyway, he was using a serpentine setup that was all bolted the a block plate. He said it was ford parts. That's all I know.

08-06-04, 04:08 AM
You must mean this:


Sorry I haven't got any more info on his setup, but it looks nice....

08-09-04, 01:28 AM
That cad500parts.com link was just what I needed. Link saved me hours of bullshiting on the phone with morons.