: I'm in Tampa this weekend.

09-26-07, 03:17 AM
I'll be there from this Thursday through Sunday. If you feel like hanging out with me and Ian, post.

I'll be enjoying the last bit of summer before its finally gone.

09-26-07, 08:02 AM
Wish you had given more notice on this and we totally would have hung out. We will be on other coast. Have a good time why you are here. I think the weather is supposed to be pretty nice this weekend. Hope you have a great trip. Are you coming in for the November meet?

09-26-07, 09:48 AM

Sounds like a good time, the only night I maybe can get away is Thursday night. We're installing a new phone system at work, and it's massive overtime for me (up to 32 hours on Saturday and Sunday, scheduled to be there from 8am to midnight).

Think you and Ian are up for Thursday, after 7pm?

09-26-07, 09:57 AM
Where are you going to be?

Lord Cadillac
09-27-07, 05:38 PM
I'm moving back to my condo this weekend, otherwise I'd have taken a trip out there to see ya..