: Poor sound on XM radio = 50% off

Benjamin Simon
09-26-07, 02:10 AM
I have the Bose 5.1 in the Lac. FM sounds great, but XM seemed to be missing something. It does not sound bad, but does not have all of the sound I expect. It is like the difference between CD and A track.

So I called XM tonight waiting to cancel the service. They first offered 50% the next service cycle. I just paid for 3 months, so it was not going to help until December. (I am on the 3 month plan). After I said no, they offered me 3 months for free. All they did was credit my account the cost of 3 more months.

I thought about what they might offer me next if I said no, but I thought it was fair. Has anyone tried pressing their luck?

The phone rep said they were making changes in the 1st Quarter of 08 to address some of my concerns with sound quality. Anyone else hear this? I would hope XM would be able to utilize the Bose 5.1. Someone missed the memo... :thepan:

09-26-07, 02:37 AM
XM sound quality has been in rapid decline since I first got it in early 2003. It is true, according to XMFan.com, that there are changes being made to improve sound quality. Also, some channels get more bandwidth than others. "Watercolors" sounds fantastic.

09-26-07, 07:50 AM
STS sound quality on XM is not good. The bose system sounds good on FM and CD's, but XM is bad..worse on some stations than others as Jesda said. My daughters Monte Carlo seems to sound better on XM than the Cadi for some reason. It may just be that the Bose system sounds so much better on FM or CD as compared to XM? I wasn't going to renew next year, but if they do improve the sound then I would keep it. The only reason I wasn't planning on keeping it was because of the sound quality.

09-26-07, 07:59 AM
my XM has been working since i got the car. i guess they never shut it off from the previous owner..good for me..however i notice a chirping sound during talking. its like a clipping / chirp sound. i dont get it on any other music source (aux, fm, cd, etc) so i guess its the XM. since i don't pay for it i cannot complain about it.

09-26-07, 08:01 AM
XM audio is compressed to save bandwidth, it's never going to sound as good as FM or a regular CD recording.

09-26-07, 08:15 AM
It is very easy to get XM renewed for $77 a year. I have done it twice in my C6 Corvette, and once in the STS. You simply tell them you want it for $77 a year, or you'll cancel. If you can't get the offer the first time, hang up and call back, try again.

There are hundreds of stories on the Corvette Forum of $77 XM renewal.

09-26-07, 12:22 PM
wow...there's no comparison where i live, between fm and xm...the xm is far superior...i notice that there are level variations on certain channels on xm, other than that i could NEVER go back to commercial radio.