: Parking Lamp Bulb

09-24-07, 11:56 PM
I am thinking of upgrading my H11 bulb to HID. Already purchased HID lamps for fogs. I noticed on GMPartsDirect.com that the parking lamp (the small third light in the housing) uses a different bulb on cars that came with HID from factory. Anyone know why this is so? Is the parking lamp actually HID or maybe just a halogen available in a blue tint to match HID lamps? I am a monochromatic fan and would like to have the parking lamp match if possible. Thanks! I hope this is making any sense to those reading it.

09-25-07, 07:32 PM
Can't tell you about bulbs but can tell you it's a total PITA getting to them. I had a blinker bulb go, job is in the book for 30 minutes, lots of plastic stuff needs to be removed. WTF were the engineers thinking?