: Damn this car is huge!!!

05-11-03, 12:23 PM
Just takeing a minute to say hello , just got a 1994 Caddy Deville(4.9)

this is my first GM car , ive owned 3 nissans and one infiniti (built by nissan) im a old SR20 Junkie but 2 weeks before my turbo kit was to be put on my G20 it hit some ice and we went into a tree with the roof , i was ok but it was impossible to find another G , found this caddy as a mechics specal at a lot and have been fixing her up , first car ive seen that i can chage the front engine mount out in less than 1 hour , always had a soft spot for the caddy v8 , and this car kicks arse

now to get rid of that pesky intermittent check engine light :banghead:

05-11-03, 01:32 PM
Welcome aboard, and thanks for signing up. Im glad you got you a caddy, and I too drive an infiniti. Make sure you pull the codes to see what is giving the check engine light, that is not something to be ignored. Do a search on how to do that, and it will tell you everything you need to know. Then find a place that shows the code definition or just post it here.

05-11-03, 01:55 PM
I know someone selling a G20 with the SR20DET motor in it if you are interested.

well he is trying to see if anyine is interested. The body is flawless and the intirior is VERY clean.

05-11-03, 09:11 PM
naw , not interested in one with a turbo , have the turbokit and everything laying around , but thanks anyway ..ill end up selling all the parts then save up for a G35 coupe or a CTS-V

by the way thanks guys , managed to find how to talk the ecu into giving up its codes to me ive got:

po39=tq converter clutch prob
p052=memory reset
p091=transaxel range switch problem
Io39=road sensing data loss
i052=keep alive memeory error

outside that shes fine , im wondering if the bad motor mount was cuasing my po39 and po91 codes.....were thinking maybe the ecu thought the tq convter clutch was slipping when the engine was rocking forward and maybe the rocking forward also caused the transaxel switch to get out of line ???probably not , but i really dont wanna tear the tranny out to fix the torque converter

anyway kickass site you all got , good to know ive got a source for my caddy like i did with my G20

05-11-03, 10:26 PM
mm sr20det.
is g20 rwd? WIll i have any trouble with emissions law after few modification?

05-11-03, 11:45 PM
its FWD.

the motor is the the bluebird one BTW... jap spec or some crazy crap like that

05-14-03, 11:10 PM
yup G20 is front drive , a offshoot of the european nissan primera , it came with the sr20de (non turbo) same engine that was used in 1991-1994 SER sentras 95-99 200sx SERs and sentra classics as well as all the new SE sentras with 2.0 power , there are too many variants of the sr20des over the years in diffrent cars to get into here but heres a breif one

sr20de -non turbo, 4 types i know of
sr20ve -like a honda vtec
sr20det -the turbo 3 types , GTi-R being the best with 4 throttle bodys
sr20vet -variable valve timing and turbo from factory

my engine parts came from a japanese bluebird (same chassis as 93-2001 altima) so i guess you could call them J-spec , i never did , i just called them factory original parts , i was never really into the rice scene more than i was into the "make it like it shoulda been" scene , have all kinda parts for it , as was going to order new upper controll arms from newzeland that weekend

if you guys ever want to know about G20s i can just about tell ya anything

for rear drive sr20dets you need to go locate a 240sx and do the silvia swap , i can put you in touch with a great group of guys for more info on that

im gonna shut up now since this is caddy land