: clogged cat = overheating?

09-22-07, 11:28 PM
can a clogged cat cause a engine to work extremely hard thus making it overheat?

also what does it mean when the battery in the backseat is extremely hot hours after parking the car?

09-22-07, 11:40 PM
can a clogged cat cause a engine to work extremely hard thus making it overheat?

Certainly can make it work harder. Not sure about overheating though. The cooling system should be able to handle it.

also what does it mean when the battery in the backseat is extremely hot hours after parking the car?
I would think that means there is a short somewhere. I'd look into that soon. Someone just had a post about his car spontaneously combusting. Probably due to a short. in the mean time, I'd be pulling the battery cable overnight.

09-22-07, 11:52 PM
the battery is out of the car,

also the battery wouldnt hold a charge, to drive i had to jump the car, when i was done driving, i would turn off the car, and then it wouldnt even click

i dont think its the alt bc the car drove fine and even idled for hours without a problem

about the overheating,
my car had problems last yr, and when i pulled it out of the garage recently i did a headgasket fix in a bottle to it (ya i know its temp etc). after i did the procedure, the car idled fine for hours everyday for a week, in a hot garage, no coolant loss, no leaks.

then i drove it 4 miles, and it overheated, so i parked it
checked it later, coolant level was fine,
idled fine for hours
but driving it, made it sometimes overheat, however turning on the heater on fullblast fixed it

i noticed my cat was clogged (red hot, and smelled like eggs)

so im thinking my car is on the edge, and the N* just cant handle creating all this energy and trying to push it out of a clogged cat while driving, but parked and ilding it is fine

09-23-07, 09:28 AM
A clogged cat will not make an N* overheat, the cooling system is sufficient enough to take care of it, as Ranger stated. A clogged cat will give you a loss of power because the engine cannot breathe properly.

The cat glowing and smelling like rotten eggs does not necessarly mean it's clogged. The an engine misfire or a fuel mixture that is too rich or too lean will cause the cat to glow and smell.

I suggest getting your head gaskets fixed first. Coolant in the cat does not help the cat either.

A cat that is subject to coolant, oil, sulfur, and overheating will degrade to point of needing replacement. A cat lifespan is approx 120K, but it can go a lot longer without being subject to these kind of engine problems.

09-23-07, 09:57 AM
Extended idling will overheat a cat, hence the owners manual advice to shut down if idling for more than a couple of minutes. Cats run HOT and are shielded on top....Battery is a mystery.....maybe 1 or 2 shorted cells leading to self-discharge.

09-23-07, 01:40 PM
thanks guys

what if a cat is so clogged that the heat energy can barely escape the engine? wouldnt the engine overheat, where else would all that energy go?

09-23-07, 01:56 PM
..........Think about it: If the cat was so clogged that heat/energy (exhaust) could not escape, then the engine would stall due to high backpressure, and if it didn't stall at idle, then overall performance would be lousy. (If you could find a way to put ALL the waste heat (energy) to work, you'd be a multimillionaire overnight....)

09-23-07, 03:02 PM
A very severely clogged cat can cause overheating. If it has virtually no power and doesn't go anywhere when you step on the gas, it would be something to look into.

You can diagnose a clogged exhaust system with a vacuum gauge. There are some sites with pictures of what the gauge does when xyz is wrong to help with diagnosis.

09-23-07, 05:20 PM
I agree with Frank. If it smells and is glowing, your problem is not the CAT. It is up line.