: Someone drew a topless BLS

09-21-07, 04:17 PM

09-28-07, 10:01 PM
out of the whole BLS lineup , that car would have the best chance here in the US ...right smack dab int he middle of the "uber girl" segment ....you know , those hot little things that traded in the VW cabrio for the 3 series or Saab vert.....

12-10-07, 06:09 PM
couldn't find that pic.
But the idea is feasable, since the Saab 93 already has the convertible.

But the price of a fully loaded BLS 2.8 turbo is just as much as a fully loaded CTS 3.6 DI sport luxury. Go figure...
And the CTS come with a LOT more features than the BLS!