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09-21-07, 02:37 PM
The old red '89 Brougham was working great, until several weeks ago. I was driving back from a day trip in the evening when all of the sudden, the lights on the climate control digital display started flickering. The display then turned on and off a few times (it was displaying "60" when it was on, as I had the fan etc turned off and the off button engaged) before it finally quit. The screen was blank and I continued driving home.

Next time I drove the car, I noticed the fan was stuck on and, as the car warmed up, I noticed the heater door must be open, as hot air was constanty blowing.

The car became unbearable to drive on hot days without the windows down, as I was unable to afford to have the problem assessed / fixed. Anyway, dealt with the problem for a while by simpy cruising with the windows down... fan blowing hot from the floor vents.

One day, about 2 weeks ago I noticed the car's battery seemed to be low. I was out for the day, and every time I started the car it seemed to be more of a struggle for the starter to turn the motor (acted like the battery was low).

Finally, when leaving a friend's house, I hopped in the car to start it and there was nothing. The battery was completely dead. I had my friend jump it and the car ran fine... climate control screen still blank, heater still blowing. I let the car idle for a bit and took it for a drive to charge the battery up.

It was evening, and I had the radio on... and it soon died. The lights began failing and within 6 minutes I was driving with no headlights, tailights or anything electrical. The horn wouldn't even blow. Thank goodness I hadn't left town and still had streetlights. I crept back to my friends house and stayed the night... waited until daylight and jumped the car again. I drove straight home because I knew I wouldn't be able to start it again. About 5 minutes after jumping the car I had no lights, horn radio etc. I parked the car in my driveway and it was completely dead. I've been unable to figure out the problem, and have been bumming drives due to my lack of funds.

Obviously something's wrong with the climate control.. anyone have this happen before? Loose wire or fried computer? What part do I have to replace? The little screen unit that sits in the dash? Something further inside? Could it be causing my no-battery-juice problem?

I was hoping someone might've had this happen before... I'm at a dead end. Just looking for suggestions because I want to try and fix it myself, and continue saving money for school.

Thanks guys, and sorry for the long read! :o

09-21-07, 02:59 PM
The only time that I've had climate control problems is when the system was crossed or overloaded. There's gotta be a loose ground somewhere that's killing all the electronics. In my case, it was an improperly installed third brake light, and it toasted my climate control. Can you smell any electrical burning?

So you have headlight, radio, heater problems. You say it's completely dead now. With a charged battery, can you turn the head lights on? Does any of the instrumentation come on? Do the windshield wipers work?
If she won't even crank, perhaps it could be the fusible link near your starter, as it kills all those things. Although if that's the case, usually you still have headlights. That link is around 6 bucks, and fairly easy to replace. If it's busted, underneath the car the wire will feel well not mushy, but obviously has a break in it and the plastics a little melted.

Good luck.

PS- Check your hyperdrive motivator.

09-21-07, 03:44 PM
Not the fusable links. I just lost those on my '74 Buick and I understand how those work. The Cadillac will crank. Everything on the '89 works when the battery is boosted / charged... it just seems to drain incredibly fast, and soon, all electronics slowly die out as the car is driving, until all lights are just a faint glimmer.. then out all together.

The car continues to drive, shift and stop fine until you shut it off, because at that point the battery is too dead to turn the car over again.

Everything worked once the car was jumped it just faded out to nothing. The longer the car runs, the headlights get dimmer / radio gets weaker etc.

However, the climate control was still dead, and the heater was blowing full fledged... that is it got slower and slower as the car seemed to lose electricity.

Hope this helps clarify a bit.

09-21-07, 03:59 PM
A slow drain that takes place over time, perhaps a faulty alternator and your battery dies from the drain.

On my 81 caprice, the fusible link was the culprit when the car wouldn't even crank, so that's why I mentioned it.

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09-21-07, 04:57 PM
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09-21-07, 06:11 PM
had something like this happen on my 78 coupe. the battery would hardly turn over and the aftermarket radio would keep flashing and barely stay on if at all. in my case it was a loose ground wire. had the hot air blowing from the floor vents as well, a real pain.

09-22-07, 07:45 PM
Well gang, she lives again. Ground wire was disconnected underneath the dash, by the passenger's feet. Thank goodness. My brother was poking around looking for the problem and found it in five minutes, then fixed it.

Climate control functioning fine again! :yup:

Alternator a little noisy... might be the source of the dying battery. Took it for 2 short drives tonight for no problem, but I'll have it tested.

Thanks again for your help guys. :D