: My tire pressure sensor... fell off !!!!

09-19-07, 09:59 PM
ok here is what happened:

I took my car to replace tires... when they finished, I check the tire pressure monitor and it was giving correct pressure to each tire except the left front tire... It was 2 PSI for it (While others are 32 PSI)... I ignored it...

On my way back home, I heard some sound in the left front wheel... It was like a small metal piece fell off into the wheel... then the pressure for that left front tire became "----" .... and a message was displayed: "Service Tire Monitor"... Still all other tires have correct readings...

What I think is that the sensor attached to the wheel fell down and the system couldn't read after that (for that specific tire)...

Now... How much is that pressure sensor?... Is it easy to install ??

09-20-07, 05:33 AM
Anyways, I'm not sure of what I said but that's what I thought had happened...

Anyone has a different explaination ???

09-20-07, 07:14 AM
The sensors are less than $20 each. I believe that they are part of the valve stem, so you need to remove the tire from the rim to replace them.

Edit: You could try doing the reprogram for the pressure sensors as outlined in the owner's manual before taking it back in to see if the sensor is able to communicate.

09-20-07, 07:55 AM
Good so it's not high priced (in case I need to buy one)...

I'll have my tires redone in another shop (better quality)... then I will try to reprogram it and see...

hope it will work...

09-28-07, 06:46 PM
hello ascariSTS
i got the same message today :(

i wana ask you from where you get the new tires and which brand if you can help me becuase it is very hard to get that size here as u know

best regards

09-29-07, 04:18 AM

you can have Michellin from Al juffali in Dammam for 4800 (4 tires)

Or you can have Pirelli from dealer opposite side of Cadillac Dealer for 5800 (4 tires).

Or you can get Toyo from Dammam Toyo dealer for 2000 (4 tires)

I got the Toyos : )

This message is not a big deal. I didn't try to reset the system. I'll post here once I reset it.

the reset procedure is available in the manual.

09-29-07, 06:04 AM
ascariSTS thank u very much
how do u find Toyo tires with u so far???
did u try 2 find these sizes in Birdgstone???

and last question who is Toyo local dealer?

09-30-07, 03:05 AM
Toyo is really god... It's softer that Michellin... much softer... I read some reviews before I got them, they were all good.

The steering response is the only thing that is better in Michellins..

No Bridgestone found...

Toyo dealer is Al Amoudi and they are located in al Mazare'e street in Dammam (the street that has many tire shops)

btw, My wheels are 18"... I think yours are 17"... Im not sure you will find Toyos or not... give it a shot

good luck