: 1990 Brougham insurance - where to go?

NJ 90 Brougham
09-19-07, 03:35 PM
Folks, bought a brilliant 29.000 mile 1990 Brougham (not yet with me). Now I ned to look into insurance as my classic car insurance says it is not old enough yet, or too common. Or both. What best to do? Where do you guys go, and what does it cost?

09-19-07, 05:14 PM
Well, being that it's not even 18 years old yet it certainly wouldn't qualify for classic/antique tags.

Are you saying that you have no regular tagged cars?

If that is the case then open up the phonebook and start calling places. I don't know how old you are or what your license looks like but if you're under 25, single, and live in NJ prepare to get reamed. Start with big firms that have local offices, ie - Allstate, State Farm before you go to the online insurers. I know a good number of them don't write policies in the state of NJ.

NJ 90 Brougham
09-19-07, 05:44 PM
No, I do have my regular car insurance here with Progressive. Just thought there is a good collector car insurance out there who would do a car like this. Sure 18 years is not old enough for your regular classic. Let's see.

Cadillac Giovanni
09-19-07, 05:57 PM
My first car was a 1986 Deville. I don't remember what that cost me, I barely had it a year. It was replaced with my 89 Brougham, which was initially going to cost me 2100 dollars a year, being 18 years old and only having my license for about a year. Suffice to say, screw that. I had it insured under my mom's name with me added as a covered driver, which cost substantially less. Last year it was down to 1100, but now it got hiked up to around 1500 because of a red light I "ran" according to some ******* state trooper who stopped me along with someone who went through the intersection after me. He gave me a ticket, and the guy behind me a warning, probably because he was too lazy to write out two tickets.

Enough about my crap. I'm insured with a small local place. Any kind of insurance is highway robbery. My advice, screw it all and live on the wild side. Just try not to get pulled over.

09-19-07, 08:11 PM
Any kind of insurance is highway robbery.

My thoughts exactly. Insurance companies by far take advantage of people. If the government requires something by law, then the companies who provide it should not monopolize on it. I mean just think about it. If you never have a wreck in ten years, the insurance company collects all those payments, charging whatever they want, and then not pay a nickel out on your name. Free money for them; meanwhile you've not cause ANY damage, so why should you still have to pay out? You should at least get your money back. Seems to me like over time you pay for a wreck whether or not you're in one.

Then if you have one slight mishap or you're the wrong age, or whatever, the insurance company jacks those rates sky high thinking you're suddenly a worse driver. Call me crazy, but I think if your in a mishap, then you're a better driver because of it, and you learn from it.

Here's my idea. Nobody pays anything until they're in a wreck, at which time they start making payments to fix the damage. Then there's no exploitation of innocent people. Chances are you probably wont be in another wreck, or even get into the first one. That way even if you're in a wreck you'll end up only paying for it once. Think of this scenario. Let's say you accidently bump a car in the parking lot, as you're turning out of a parking space. Just a minor scratch and the metal is pushed in a bit; all in all about the size of your index finger. Total damage: $500. So why would an insurance company double your premiums for the next seven years??? They pay out $500, but collect $5000 on the liability. Why can't you just pay the insurance company bacK?? You've actually already paid them. I mean you've already paid at least that much up until that point. Instead, they got to become thieves, demanding not only the normal unjust payments, but adding more. Who here would say they've paid more on insurance throughout their life than the insurance company has paid out on them?? Rip-off!!

I would like to place a bet with these insurance companies: They say you're a worse driver after a mishap. Well if you're not, then they should give back all the money they stole from you in "higher-risk" premiums because you were, in fact, not the risk they claimed you were. But if you are a bad driver then their premonitions were justified and they're paying your next wreck.

I just don't understand why insurance companies have to rob you twice: Once by taking your money for wreck you're not in; then keeping it. And twice by assuming you're a worse driver after a mishap. Nothing could be further from the truth.

(Step, step, step...)
Ok, I'm off my soap box, now.

09-19-07, 10:41 PM
No, I do have my regular car insurance here with Progressive. Just thought there is a good collector car insurance out there who would do a car like this. Sure 18 years is not old enough for your regular classic. Let's see.

You're just going to have to add it to your regular policy. Unfortunately a 1990 Cadillac doesn't qualify as a "collector car." After a few years when you are able to register it with classic/antique tags you will be able to go through a specialized insurer.

Until then just keep in mind that you're driving a regular, "run of the mill" car. As special as it may be to some of us it's just not a "collector's car"... yet.

Except for high-end exotics, no '90 would be considered a collector's commodity.

09-19-07, 10:46 PM
Not sure if anyone would insure it for more than book value just because of the age and the fact that there are others out there. I just put regular full coverage on my '92.

On my '96 I insured it for its value plus the value of the modifications.

Cadillac Giovanni
09-19-07, 10:49 PM
The Cadillac Broughams may not be a collector's car, but insurance rates are higher because in the city, they tend to be stolen/vandalized/chop shopped more.

So let me get this straight. I have to live in fear of my car being vandalized every moment I turn my back AND you're charging me through the roof? Seems like they should charge you less as a consolation, you know, help me feel better about the situation.