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Benjamin Simon
09-19-07, 01:18 AM
Sorry guys no race here... Long story short, the person in front of them had to break hard, they had to break hard, and I rear ended them. I ruined the bumper cover on the Honda and bent up the trunk. I am sure it look much worse than what it was, but compared to my STS the honda was bitched slapped.

I think the gap between the hood and front bumper is 1/4 inch larger and the paint crack. The guy was like wow, I need to look into getting a Caddy.

No damage I could see and I hope the bump just needs to be adjusted. Any idea on the cost of repainting my bumper?

Anyone else experience our cars beating up others and coming out great?

Sorry no pics, I am not sure if the cracks would even show on a pic.

09-19-07, 08:30 AM
any idea what he is talking about??

09-19-07, 09:01 AM
just glad you're safe

09-19-07, 04:51 PM
We had a similar incident with our 2003 DTS last summer. We were coming home and were only .5 miles from the house. A woman in an Accord pulled out of a side street in front of us (no time to brake) and we T-boned her at about 45-50 MPH. We struck her from 6 inches into the driver's door all the way to the front of her car.

From 10 feet away, you could not tell anything had happend to the DTS. Closer inspection revealed that the front bumper was slightly cracked, the bumper paint was cracked and flaking, the hood was buckled with about about a 1/2 inch rise, the grill was cracked and the Cadillac symbol flew out of the grill never to be found. We pushed her about 60 feet down the road. The air bags didn't go off, nor did they really need to. I did a little damage to the radiator and AC condenser which needed to be replaced as well.

The Accord, though, was more like an Accordion. Neither front door would open, bumper ripped off, wheel pushed into the axel, and fluid was leaking all over. The lady had to climb out the back door of her car. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt.

When the police officer arrived, he incredulously looked at the DTS and the Accord and said "That (the Caddy) did that to THAT? (the Honda)??? Wow... that really is a testament to the safety of a Cadillac."

Why would I drive anything else? I hope to never experience that again, but if I do, I know first hand how a Cadillac stands up against a Honda. Saving a little gas isn't worth risking your life driving a flimsy rice box, IMHO.

Benjamin Simon
09-19-07, 11:21 PM
It will cost $1500 to replace and repaint the bumper.
I think I am really going to look into the 2008 bumper now...

09-23-07, 12:38 AM
All these Accord drivers (no offense to any forum members) seem to have driving issues. ha ha. In May, this year, I was rear-ended while taking my son to school. He is in high school, and the crazy inexperienced drivers are expected. It was in the morning. A girl was "doing" her hair, in an Accord, and rearended me while I was stopped in a line-up at a stop sign. Scuffed the bumper up a bit, then later discovered the bumper was down about an inch from where it should be. Cost about $800 to repair, of course which the girl's parents paid for. Saw her driving a day in the summer, and I pulled off and waited a minute. ha ha.