: Radio/Navigation System

Ivan Billson
09-17-07, 02:37 PM
I have a 07 SRX with the Nav/ Radio
I hope no one thinks this is a stupid question but here goes.

To turn on the Radio or Nav. I can hit the Radio or Nav. buttons. When I am driving along and using the Nav system the only way I have found to cut off the radio is to hit the mute button on the steering wheel. This only mutes the radio and does not in fact cut power to the radio so current is constantly being drawn for the radio when you are not using it but want to operate the Nav system by itself. The manual says if you want to turn the radio off hit the power button. Well if you do that you also cut off the Nav.

I find this operating sequence rather odd. Any comments?

Thanks: Ivan

09-17-07, 03:27 PM
That is NOT the way my '04 SRX works, but IS the way my '06 Jeep Commander works. Maybe some legal "mumbo-jumbo"

09-17-07, 03:32 PM
That is a little odd. I don't remember it being that way in my 06, but it could have been.

In anyevent, the power being drawn is so very minimal when the volume is not turned on or the system is on mute. Other than it being a little wierd, do you have a specific concern about the radio having to be on to use NAV?