: Extended Warranty Cost

09-16-07, 08:40 PM
I am planning on picking up a 2006 SRX within 2 days at a local dealership. The sales person told me that for the month of september they are selling all GM Extended warranties at COST. Now I would love to believe them but I just don't think that is possible. Does anyone out there have access to true cost to extend the warranty on a 2006 RWD SRX 46k Miles? (0 or 50 deduct). I will gladly pay $100 over dealer cost to any GM dealers lurking ;)

09-16-07, 10:30 PM
Depends on what state you are in, some states don't allow discounted cost on warrantys (classed as insurance and has a fixed price) Why is the dealer not selling the SRX as a CPO??? I would ask what the price diff is for CPO VS extended warranty, CPO is 6yrs from orignal in service date or 100k .