: 90 Brougham w/ Olds 350

09-16-07, 05:18 PM
I am purchasing a Olds 350 from a guy in VA. The engine was in a 72 Cutlass. Comes with all the accessories I need and will fit my car and I getting it for a killer price. :bouncy: However, my greatest fear is mounting it with my 200R4 transmission, which was rebuilt a year and a half ago. The engine will produce up to 300 hp and my trans can handle up to 255 lbs of torque. Is there a trick I can do like replace the torque converter or should I get the TH350?

09-20-07, 05:13 PM
The TH350 is a bolt-in. The trans crossmember will be moved forward and if the holes are not already drilled in the frame you may need to drill them. You'll need to adapt the kickdown cable, with is NOT the same as the throttle valve cable on the 200-4R.