View Full Version : Anyone have any experience using Rust bullet paints

09-15-07, 08:08 PM
Am going to re-do floor pans on my 96 FWD. Some minor surface rust and paint bubbling. Ive seen that some have had very good results using POR-15 but rust bullet seems a bit less involved. Looking for good results but also less work would be a plus as well. Any info or thoughts appreciated.

09-15-07, 10:18 PM
I used Rust Bullet on my Camaro's floor pans - it worked real nicely. Odors were pretty strong though. It dries really tough and you couldn't chip it if you wanted to. My dad used it on a monster air compressor, too - looks pretty good if you can get it on evenly.

09-16-07, 12:00 AM
Can it be used as an under coating or is it just good for interior floor and trunk pans?

09-16-07, 12:47 AM
By floor pans I meant the underside of car, so I guess I will be using it as an undercoating. Check out this link http://www.coloradok5.com/rustbulletreview.shtml

09-16-07, 09:32 AM
Get the KBS 3 step system. You need to buy a mask, goggles, painters gloves, and different brushes.. but it is worth the time involved and gets great results whether you have rust to start with or not.