: 1995 Fleetwood Power Steering Pump...

09-14-07, 11:28 PM
Well, gonna try to replace the power steering pump tomorrow on my Caddy...kinda intimidated by it as it looks like a PITA!!! Replaced the rear springs on it last weekend. Those are EASY compared to this. ANy pointers to maybe help me save time if anyone else has done this on an LT1? Thanks!

P.S. Haven't been on in a while...been riding my Harley Sportster all summer! Glad to see the site is up and running well!


09-15-07, 03:18 AM
YES, it is a PITA!!!! I will be working on one tomorrow, including AC compressor, PS pump and alternator. Fortunately I have the ability to pull the engine up and out to do it, and probably will to make my life a whole lot easier.

BUT what I do know, is the alt comes out easy, you'll need it out. There is 2 lines going to it, one that goes down to the gear box, and one that goes up to the pump reservoir. Both are 5/8" fittings, you'll need a good line wrench for, I would highly recommend a crows foot line wrench if you can get one. I ended up ripping the line to the box from the pump, so I'll have to repair it going back in. Pain in the posterior.... Get the belt off (you'll have it off from the alternator), and remove the 3-4 bolts off the front. Pull it out through the front.

The 2 fittings in back are the real problems. Once you get them the rest isn't too bad.

I would recommend sucking the reservoir out with a turkey baster or just suck up the leak and pull the lines off and let the fluid drain out. Pretty easy to remove the reservoir. Not mandatory, but gives you the choice to clean it up and gives a tad more room.

I'll take rear springs anyday. Gotta do front, going to put on 9C1 front springs and lower the front of the car a tad soon, and new ball joints and bushings to make it right.

09-16-07, 07:04 AM
Hey NODIH, do the 9C1 front springs lower the car?

09-16-07, 11:23 PM
Not sure yet, I haven't put them in. I suspect it will remain nearly the same, but I will probably cut them a half a coil or a full coil to lower mine a tad too, I would like to get it down an inch or 2 to get it out of the wind some too.

I'll take picts when I do. I think there is other people here who have used them,

09-19-07, 09:15 AM
Thanks for the pointers N0DIH! I will be replacing the compressor soon in mine too. I think I am going to park the car for the winter sine I got a POS to drive around that is reliable enough to not worry. Actually pretty nice car, however it has lived a rough life. 1994 Olds 98 for $700. Needs body work and it came with a replacement bumper and front fenders, but hey, it's a beater, who gives a sh!t. Anyway, I will be working on my garage this weekend and getting a nice warm spot for the car to sit the winter and work on it, maybe I will rebuild the motor into a 383 while I am at it and put a Thumpr cam from Edelbrock in it. Hey I can always dream... :)

09-19-07, 11:25 AM
If you are doing compressor, remove the alternator, PS pump (there is a bolt under it), belt, belt tensioner (there is a bolt under it)and then take the bolts off the FEAD, aka, Front End Accessory Drive (the big bracket that holds it all), and the AC compressor bolt behind the compressor that holds it to the block. Remove like that, then deal with the FEAD to compressor bolts. I did it out of the car, only takes a few min. But those PS hoses are a PAIN in the butt. Especially the fat low pressure hose, it is hard to get off. Remove the AC lines at the accumulator and the condensor (the heat exchanger in front of the radiator), that is easier than dealing with the 9/16" bolt between the hoses with it waay down there.

Honestly, with all that off, is the PERFECT time to replace the pass side spark plug wires. About the only way to really do it. Make it a big job and get it all done. Getting the coolant surge tank out of the way really helps too. I have an LT1 on my trailer with the FEAD off if you need pictures of the bolt holes. I have the bracket too without stuff on it so you can see how it goes and what bolts you need to pull.

Those cars are probably best you can get for combination of luxury, size (seats 6, which I need), mpg, and reliability. The 3800 is a great engine. Only issue I ever had was CS130 alternators suck. The Autozone Duralast Gold did do as advertised and lasted a long time, never did need to replace it, but the rebuilts before that were always short lived. It is the way too small rear bearing. If you can stuff in the CS144 alternator from the 91 Deville w/o heated glass, that is an EXCELLENT upgrade and actually fit my 91 Bonneville 3800 VIN "C". Yours is a VIN Code "L" IIRC, but should be close.