: Burned out front Turn Indictor bulb

09-14-07, 02:22 PM
Last week noticed that one of the front turn indicator/daylight running bulbs was burned out. Looked inside the hood, under the car, in the wheel well and scratched my head. Finally, when taking the car into the dealer for something else, asked the service writer. You guessed it and so did I. Have to drop the front bumper to replace the bulb. She also advised me that, since car is still under warranty, it is covered. and will be done for free.

I had recently taken the car to a body shop to get a quote for repainting the front bumper. I pulled the quote. They charge for 1.5 hrs to R+R the front bumper - at $40/hr. That's a lot of money to change a 65c bulb. Guess I'll try to get them to replace both bulbs when they pull the bumper. I can just see the second bulb burning out about a week later.

09-14-07, 03:04 PM
you should try changing it yourself. its alot easier than you think it is.

09-17-07, 08:04 AM
look here:

09-18-07, 01:32 PM
This is great info, as i need to change my turn signal. Where did you pick up the replacement bulb?