View Full Version : Anyone interested in a gold stripe Royal Seal tire from '91?

09-13-07, 08:24 PM
I was offered a '91 limo today that had one OEM Royal Seal tire intact. Anyone want it?

09-13-07, 11:13 PM
Tire or the limo??? ;)

09-13-07, 11:33 PM
Maybe both, the tire is in better shape than the car.

09-14-07, 06:28 PM
What state would this Limo reside in?

09-14-07, 08:07 PM

09-15-07, 10:38 AM
*$ *&^($!!!!

Whats the deal with it? you parting it out? Fixin her up? staring at it in your yard?? lol

09-15-07, 12:48 PM
I was buying a cargo van at a local used car lot, and saw the Brougham's front (with said tire) as I rounded the building. Expecting to find a low mileage example, I instead found a beat to hell limo. They want it gone ($1,500 on the road) but I really don't want a limo at this point. We'll see.

10-22-07, 12:08 AM
I is from Kentucky. If my sister and I gets married, we culd use that limo. Let's stay in touch.

That tire would make a nice wedding present too. We culd put flowers in it in the front yard. I likes the plastic kind cause the police don't like me watering the flowers--if you know what I mean.

10-22-07, 12:17 AM
Long gone, bitch.