: Showing my 68 this weekend

09-13-07, 02:16 PM
Finally the local show n shine is on a day I'm in town and not booked with anything. Gonna bring my 68 sdv, along with wife, and kids. Even bringing a picnic!

So I'll be up early polishing and waxing. Question: what should I do for my vinyl top? It was replaced in 2001 and looks perfect, but I've never treated it.

Should I put something on it? I've heard people say baby oil is good. Don't think I'll have time to find a special McGuire's vinyl top cleaner or anything. Ideas??

09-13-07, 06:55 PM
This is all I use on my vinyl top:

DURAGLOSS VINYL TOP DRESSING (#301) $5.89 / 8 oz contains a blend of silicone polymers that form a durable and protective coating on vinyl and convertible tops. New vinyl and convertible tops do not generally need to be treated until some wear or fading is evident, usually 1-2 years. DURAGLOSS VCTD will restore the new look and repellency. Dries to a durable coating that will not wash off.

I am putting the '96 Fleetwood in 2 shows this weekend, sat & sunday... then my last one for the season is next saturday.