View Full Version : CTS-V Grille Emblem Needed

09-13-07, 12:52 PM
Hey all. I bought an aftermarket cts-v grille and now im having a hard time finding the emblem for it. Can someone tell me where, and for how much i can get the emblem and the crest? THanks in advance

Lindsay Cadillac Parts
09-20-07, 08:52 AM
If you bought an aftermarket mesh grille (E&G) the plate that comes with it to mount an emblem on is made to accept your current emblem which ca be removed with a heat gun. the part #'s for the emblems that will fit this grille should be 25765149 (crest) $20.43 and 25765150 (wreath) $17.05. If you bought a genuine GM V series grille, the emblem you need for that is 25757717 (wreath and crest) $29.85. we have them both in stock. call me at 703-824-9670