View Full Version : Has anyone retored their steering wheel?

Dave's '88
09-12-07, 09:15 PM
I am looking for info. on how I can get my '88 Brougham's steering wheel restored. The wheel itself is ok but the "woodgrain" trim and plastic coating has cracked and pieces have gone "a.w.o.l." Has any one done this or know of a shop that can do it ? I am also in need of having my front grill restored,ie.plastic mounting tabs repaired and the whole thing re-chromed ... any ideas on either/both would be great! Again thanks in advance .. Dave

09-12-07, 10:28 PM
At first I thought "retorqued" their steering wheel. :D

Is the wheel itself cracked? What I'd do is check out restoration shops around your place. One of them may be able to do it or maybe even point you in the right direction.

If the wheel itself is cracked you can get filler putty and fill the cracks... then you sand it down and get it re-dyed (painted?) but the wood trim I have no idea.

09-13-07, 09:50 PM
I'd check here.


09-14-07, 11:28 AM
This one is a difficult one. My wood grain immitation trim piece on the steering wheel, even though in very good condition, has cracks well, but I have manged to glue the piece together in a satisfactory way. However, I have been looking for this at various Cadillac specialty parts dealers and all I got is ripped off by someone that sold me a wood trim piece that was supposedly in excellent condition only to get the damn thing broken in two and completelty worn past the wood trim. You'll likely won't find a decent replacment part at this point, I think you'd better to go with the resotration page that was suggested.

09-15-07, 01:40 AM
I know it's nice to have it looking good and as original as possible. One of my caddys steering wheel is a little faded so I decided to simply put a matching steering wheel cover over it. Since the wheel was so skinny to begin with it makes for an easier drive and protects it anyway. If you are able to restore your wheel, I'd still cover it as it certainly will get its fair share of wear.