: '89 to 90-92 parts

09-12-07, 10:51 AM
how inter-changeable are the parts between these years? obviously the nose is different. but the 90-92 rear end parts look like they will bolt right up to the 89 and earlier models. same with dash bezels.

09-12-07, 06:58 PM
The 80-89 bumper is different, it's missing the hole where the bottom light for the 90-92 tail lights goes through. Other than that, I've heard the 90-92 tail lights are slightly taller and narrower than the 80-89, but that could just be me reading things wrong. Doors, hoods, and trunklids are identical.

09-13-07, 06:58 PM
The front door panels on the '80-89 are different than the '90-92