View Full Version : 93 sts misses and no 2-3 shift

silver duke
09-11-07, 03:33 PM
Hi everyone, my 93 sts developed a miss when hot after about 45 mins of driving. It felt very much like a year ago when my ign. module went bad. At that time I replaced with a a coil pack from a 96 sts, new plugs, delco wires. Has been good till now.After having the hot engine miss for 2 days , now the car won't shift from 2-3 when hot. It shifts 1-2 then revs up to 2500rpm and begins to miss like crazy. once in a while but rarely it slips in to third. I tried to swap the ign/module/ coil pack same problem. Maybe the trans solenoids are bad? and causing the rough running miss? Is it possible clogged egr ports could be causing these problems? I have no codes.