: CDV 78 picture day - after the undercoating work

09-10-07, 12:03 PM
I thought I'd share these with you, it was a great day for a ride with the newly painted underbody.









I did not yet painted the fuel tank. It is in very good shape so I will probably skip this. I also need to paint the brake dust covers and the CV shaft.
Some lithium grease left on parts where I have not yet applied POR-15.


you can see slight rust in some of the intake manifold wells, that needs to be done still.

09-10-07, 12:26 PM
Nice work. I am speechless. You have an amazing, essentially flawless DeVille. Yours is one of my all-time favorites. Stunning.

(While I know everyone's tastes are different, and I wholly respect the way you present your remarkable Cadillac, In my humble opinion, I'd lose the dice from the r/v mirror - just my unsolicited two cents, though.)

Again, thanks for the great pics and update. What a prize you've got there.

09-10-07, 12:44 PM
That car looks like it just drove off the 1978 Brochure.

09-10-07, 12:53 PM
Great work. The car looks fantastic. To do the driveshaft evenly, just put the car up in the air, and put it in drive. You can then spray the shaft while it is spinning:thumbsup: (you can sand any rust off, too, doing this- just be careful not to get caught in the U joints!)

Oh, and... no dice.

09-10-07, 01:24 PM
How did you like the por-15? I am having a tough time deciding between that and rust bullet for the undercarraige. Looks great.

09-10-07, 03:34 PM
POR-15 works great when the surface is somewhat rough (i.e., slight rust). In this case it sticks tremendously well and leaves the parts looking like new. Important to follow the three step processes though, 1) degreaser, 2) Zinc phosphate spray, then 3) POR-15 sealant.
However, if the surfaces are clean and smooth it does not apply well (e.g., it behaves like water on a waxed surface, it doesn't sheet). In this case you have to give it at least 2 coats, really 3 needed.
I am not sure how this product stands up in time, I guess the true test is to see how this looks in 2 years, and I have no experience with Rust Bullet.

Highway Star
09-10-07, 04:56 PM
That's really nice kwaobus. You take some great pictures too!

09-10-07, 05:44 PM
POR-15 is fabulous. Even on bare metal, the zinc coating works to adhere it well. However, you're right, on rusted metal, there isn't anything its equal. After a few years of doing the underbody of my 90, it still looks and works great.

09-11-07, 10:23 AM

i just fell of my seat... FANTASTIC CAR !!!!! I canīt believe that this is nearly 30 years old. I LOVE IT !!!!

09-11-07, 11:02 AM
Super Smooth, Keep the Dice! Now if I could just get you to restor my Caddy............ Hey it was worth a try!

Night Wolf
09-11-07, 01:34 PM

That is one super clean car! It may as well be brand new. I like the colors too! :)

09-14-07, 10:35 PM
Great detailing! Great underbody work!

09-14-07, 10:37 PM
1978 just called. It wants it's deVille back. :)

That first picture is stunning. How'd you do that?

09-15-07, 10:37 AM
Looks like you stole them out of a Dealer brochure.... lol. Excellent work. And what a pristine car!!!!

09-15-07, 02:18 PM

Por15 is great, I use the KBS three step system. I did it on my '96 Fleetwood 2 years ago and now just used it on my '93 wagon.

I also used POR20 for my headers, very good stuff.

Great work!!:cool:

09-16-07, 12:09 AM
This is defineatly next on my to do list. Is the POR15 power washable once it's applied?

09-16-07, 09:12 AM
This is defineatly next on my to do list. Is the POR15 power washable once it's applied?

It takes almost 6 hours for it to fully harden. I wouldn't power wash it until 24 hours has passed.

Make sure you buy the appropriate ventilation mask, goggles, and painters gloves. I also bought thinner brushes for those hard to reach places. Wear protective clothing, if you get it on your skin... it takes a good week to come off.

It takes a good weekend to POR15 a undercarriage right.