: 1978 Eldorado

04-20-04, 08:10 PM
Hello, I have a beautiful white 1978 Eldorado that I have babied for years. Now I am having problems finding the original type of output shaft seals with the breather and inner liners. Does anyone know who might have these? Thanks, Perry

04-20-04, 08:28 PM
Welcome Perry!

Thanks for joining the forum. There are many folks here who have a lot of experience and information. Try posting a question down in the Eldorado section and see what you get. The 78 Eldo is one of my favorites! If you get a chance post a picture, I'd love to see it. Good luck

04-20-04, 09:36 PM
Welcome aboard.. Thanks for signing up :wave:

I think youll find this place informational... Someone will be able to help you! :)

04-21-04, 10:16 AM
Thanks Paul and Wes,

:) We are looking forward to be a member of this great website. Thanks for the tip to post this question on the Eldorado group. I will. Also as soon as I can I would love to post photos of our Eldo. She's a beauty. We also have a 1970 Cadillac Deville. She is in need of restoring and our son is looking forward to that job. The Deville has been a family member since she came off the line.
Thanks again, Perry