: Level Ride System trouble

09-09-07, 05:54 PM
So today, I started the car and the Level Ride light came on and stayed on for about 5 minutes. Compressor running the whole time.

I checked the manual which states that the Level Ride light coming on for "approximately two and a half minutes" means there is a "massive air system leak" then it is supposed to turn the compressor off, although that didnt happen until 5 minutes had passed with me. Later, on another trip, it didn't happen again, just flipped on and off once or twice.

Something is definitely up because when it's operating right, it does what the manual says it should, just comes on for about 15 seconds when you start out and then off for the rest of the trip.

Does this sound like an air system leak?

If so what does that mean...simply a blown rear air shock, or something more serious?

Car has 121K
Air shocks (Delco) last replaced c. 92 K, 3/2006
Compressor replaced in 4/2007.

09-09-07, 08:09 PM
You probably have a leak in one of the air shocks. They are a relatively cheap fix....just do it soon b/c the compressor will burn out if it is exposed to constant running.