: drive train clunk

09-08-07, 05:42 PM
I have in the past sent in several threads in regards to my drive train /tip-in/tip-out clunks ( or what ever you want to call the sound/feel ) on my early build 2004 SRX. I did get the run around then the denial there was a problem. When I was able to ident a reflash of the transmission it was done-with some improvement but by keeping a slight torque on the drive line engine RPM'S did not drop as they should so more braking was required. I also ponted out there was a updated transfer case available and gave them the part number.Anyway at 110,000K the rear end started to howl to the point one could not hear the radio ( nor could I sneek home at night). Due to the fact this problem could not be denied the complete rear end was changed out. However a week after this was done the tranfer case failed and now has to be replaced. We are in discussions with respect to what if any warrantee will apply as this vehicle is well off the standard warrantee. There is some hope as I had made complaints early on of both the transfer case issue and concern the rear end did not sound right I may get a break. I hope so as with these two repairs cost are going to be many $1,000.00 of dollars.