: Back lights stay on... help!!

09-07-07, 04:37 PM
Need the boards expert help and advice please.

When I shut off my car and turn off the lights, my back lights stay on. Kinda happens on very hot humid days. When I press the brake pedal the lights flicker but stay on. Temporarely I disconnected the back light/fuel pump harness to shut off the lights. What's wrong with the lights?

1992 brougham 5.7L 101000miles

09-09-07, 09:30 PM

09-10-07, 05:21 PM
Back lights? are we talking about brake lights or tail lights? If its brake lights then the switch on the pedal under the dash needs adjusted. Usually just pushing the switch in towards the pedal will depress the switch to turn off the lights. The manual says to push the switch in till it stops, then pull up on the brake pedal and the switch will adjust itself. You should hear a faint ratcheting sound as it moves to adjust itself. If its taillights I would think head light switch?

09-21-07, 07:03 AM
carnut, yes it is by brake lights and not my tail lights that stay on. The thing is I can't find this switch you are talking about. Where exactly is it?

Thank you

09-21-07, 07:01 PM
Under the dash mounted to a bracket that supports the brake pedal assembly. Should be 2 switches. 1 to cancel cruise control with a vacuum hose to it and below it on the same bracket is the brake lamp switch. Get a Chiltons or Haynes manual if you're not familiar with brake switches. Sometimes putting your foot under the brake pedal and forceably lifting up on the pedal with cause the switch to adjust.