View Full Version : Need Help w/ Window Switch, 86 Fleetwood Brougham

09-07-07, 04:39 AM
The driver's side window switch (one out of the bank of 4) is broke on my Caddy and I bought another one off eBay to replace it. They sent me the entire assembly that looks like mine.

Now the million dollar question -- how do I get the OLD trim and switch out without cracking or breaking anything? I've looked and looked, but don't see anything such as screw or clip to let it loose.


09-07-07, 12:10 PM
When I was fixing the door panel on my '90, I wondered the same thing since my windows/seat control switch was wompee-jawed. The control switch is attached to the plastic (piece that has an "L" shape"). There were nubs of plastic that they melted over the the metal nubs on the switch panel, so the two are basically attached for life. You can separate the two but not w/o really messing up the attached "L" trim. Plus you wouldn't really be able to re-attach it. My suggestion is just put whole new trim and switch in place of the old one. I will just pop in and out as a whole. To do so, you'll need to remove the door panel, but that's pretty easy. Then everything just fits in like a puzzle! Here's Cadillac Giovanni's description. It helped me alot.

I know the whole process on my 89 Brougham, I've done it so many times, i bet i could do it in my sleep. First there are a pair of screws hidden under the door handle, the one that you pull on to close the door, one on each side. Then there are a pair in the opening lever as well. The light cover can be popped out with a flathead screwdriver. Now if you look up under the armrest where the light assembly and door lever used to be, there are two screws securing the control panel. Take those out, and pop the control panel out by pulling it towards you. There are two clips holding it to the door panel in the back. They're metal, so they shouldn't break. Now there should be two more screws in the door that were hidden by the control panel, take those out and that should be it. To lift the door panel off, you need to give it a good firm whack inward at the center of the top. There's a built in clip mechanism that keeps it in there. Gently lift the door panel, and make sure you have something to rest it on so you don't put any strain on the wires connected to the control panel.

We don't have the exact same car, but I'd imagine the process is pretty close to what I've described.

Good luck, or have I completely missed the objective altogether??
Well, good luck anyway! :helpless: