: '93 Brougham--Telescoping Steering Wheel

09-06-07, 11:07 AM
My first Cadillac and my first post.

Just bought a '93 Fleetwood Brougham. My very limited research suggests that this car features a telescoping steering wheel as standard equipment. The owner's manual (oddly enough for a '94 model) mentions a tilt and telescoping wheel, but provides no instruction on the telescoping aspect other than a description (moves the wheel closer to or away from the driver). The tilt is manual and works the same as any other GM I have owned. However, if it has a telescoping wheel, I have no idea how to operate it.

I brief casual inspection provided no insights. I also saw no indication that the wheel could telescope, and most of the components looked rigid.

Am I missing something?

The only car I have ever owned with a telescoping wheel was a 1985 Subaru.

09-06-07, 12:42 PM
My 93 does not have it so I would say yours more than likely does not telescope.

09-06-07, 02:49 PM
No, these cars have never had that, and if you read it, it's a typo--pure and simple.

09-06-07, 03:08 PM
Got the info from the "standard features" on cars.com

http://research.cars.com/go/crp/research.jsp;jsessionid=GK0VUNWEK22PPLAYIEROS0Y?se ction=features&crpPage=features.jsp&makeid=8&modelid=71&year=1993&myid=&acode=USA30CAC032A0&mode=&aff=national&defaultSelection=true

Also mentions the feature in the owner's manual, but nothing other than a description of the feature.