: Reverse Cam / DVD / Nav

09-05-07, 07:32 PM
Hey guyz!
I've got an 07 w/out dvd/nav. My wife thinks the srx is hard to back up due to poor visibility out back. I would like to put a dvd/nav/backup cam in place of the existing system on the dash. Any ideas? Aftermarket is fine, but I wonder..Will the Caddy srx's dvd/nav system easily bolt in place of the lesser system, and can I hook a backup cam to it?? Thanks!

09-17-07, 10:18 PM
Not sure whether factory SRX dvd/nav system is easy bolt in. I have it on my 2008 and according to aftermarket rearveiw camera interface instructions (see coastaletech GMX-320) the factory radio has to be flashed by a GM tech in order to accept any additional, ie rear view camera, video input.