View Full Version : coolant change procedure

04-19-04, 08:40 PM
Could someone outline the coolant change procedure for a 95 sts? Thanks for the tps adjusting instructions it works well.

04-19-04, 10:18 PM
Drain the system by disconnecting the lower radiator hose...while the hose if off install 6 of the GM coolant supplement pellets/2 tubes of the BarsLeaks "golden seal" cooling system sealer (important to install it into the hose...not the surge tank)......replace the hose and refill the system with fresh 50/50 conventional green, silicated coolant/distilled water. Fill slowly thru the surge tank at the pressure cap fitting. When full, start the engine, idle for a minute or so, rev to about 4000 RPM slowly several times to clear any air pockets, refill the surge tank and put the cap on. Drive it.

You might search using "coolant" or things like that in the archives as it has been discussed quite a bit already.

If you are breaking into the cooling system for normal maintenance there are two other things you might do also. When the system is empty, change the thermostat as a normal maintenance item. After 10 years/100K the original stat is likely getting tired and doesn't owe you a dime. Also, check the water pump drive belt and tensioner. That is at the rear of the intake cam on the left side of the engine. Make sure the belt is good and that the tensioner moves freely. You might just consider replacing the belt if it is the original (see above logic). Exercise the little spring loaded tensioner and lube the pivot point as those had a nasty habit of feezing up over time and causing the water pump drive to slip.....