: I've seen some donks, but this...?

09-04-07, 07:47 PM
Found it next to a Caprice that had the same treatment, on eBay. Hope no one ever tries to do that to a 90-92.


09-04-07, 07:53 PM
Whats the point of it other than awww factor after thats gone you got a really expensive goofy looking car that isn t that appealing the resale value of a donk is pathetic i mean i like some rims and tint with a system and im good my eyes love a clean look not the goofy one

09-04-07, 08:20 PM

09-04-07, 08:30 PM
Mother****ing pathetic.

09-04-07, 08:47 PM
Probably some middle-aged white guy's car right?

09-06-07, 01:40 AM
This exact thought crossed my mind. Donking a limo is beyond a bad idea. Find out where this guy lives so we can all beat the shit outta him.

Highway Star
09-06-07, 01:46 PM
Well, it's obviously not a flood car. Why not just get a covered wagon and a team of mules? :annoyed:

09-06-07, 05:41 PM
Most of the '90s stretch jobs were crap. I'm more upset by the destroyed Caprice coupe sitting to the right.

09-06-07, 05:46 PM
The Caprice is on eBay. That's how I found that picture; it happened to be in the background. Here's the Caprice:
Caprice Donk (http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1985-caprice-2-door-coupe-26-rims-candy-airbrush_W0QQitemZ190147951642QQihZ009QQcategoryZ6 162QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem)

09-06-07, 07:25 PM
Why why why? Is this a sign? lol

Jonas McFeely
09-06-07, 07:50 PM
Bad Ass. I think the rims are too small, however. Its jacked up too high for the size wheels it has. I think 27'' would suffice. :stirpot:

09-06-07, 11:50 PM
Cheap bastard didnt even clean the engine. Donks are fine(other than the limo) but it irks me that they just put it in a shiny wrapper and ignore the engine and half ass the interior. What a waste of a Caprice Coupe.

09-08-07, 05:54 PM
Yes, it is. It's a sign that we need to band together to protect what we love. Oh and we could stand a session on retraining the youth too.

Why why why? Is this a sign? lol

09-09-07, 01:57 PM
Bad Ass. I think the rims are too small, however. Its jacked up too high for the size wheels it has. I think 27'' would suffice. :stirpot:
Take it you like this donks?:D

Night Wolf
09-09-07, 08:15 PM
yo bling-blang

12-11-07, 03:26 PM
seeing as how most of you hate it,haha. A "DONK" is a 71-76 chevy impala or caprice. its like putting leather seats in a civic and saying you cadillacd it. and now you got a cadillac honda civic.haha. just like putting 13x7 wire wheels on a cadillac doesnt make it an impala. its a term a lot of us florida boys use for that body style of chevrolet, just like the 77-90 caprice we call it a box and the 91-96 caprice-impalas we call bubbles. the donk bodystyle just got real popular for people to restore and customize, and then it got to the point of bigger rims and lifts, and then it just turned the word donk into a generic word for any car lifted on big rims. haha.
another story, the miami-dade dope dealers would hook the 71-76's up cause there so clean, and the bigger they made rims the more expensive they got, so back when daytons cost the most, they put daytons on, then they came out with 17's, 18's, then 20's, then 22's and so on so on. people would just buy bigger rims cause they cost more and that meant they had more street cred apparently.haha. everyone wants the cleanest car! and it escalated.

long story short cadillacs arent donks. theyre cadillacs. 71-76 chevy impala's/caprice's are donks.

12-11-07, 07:57 PM
Animals get their protective rights, why can't these cars get some?