: 94 concourse running rough

04-19-04, 04:57 PM
I have a 94 concourse which I purchased almost a year ago in Arizona. I have had it in Big Sky, MT since then where it has seen alot of snow and very cold temp. It has just began to run rough. It seems to knock when in reverse, and when driving at lower speeds between 20 and 45 but runs great above 60. It also seems to have less power than before and my gas milage has dropped a little.(the lower milage could be from the ski rack) It has 103000 miles on it now, having been driven about 10,000 miles by me. It has new plugs from the dealer. I ran the codes and have a history of the front O2 sensor not ready (P017). The service engine light comes on every now and then, but will go off when I push the gas a little harder. The only active code is A012 which has to do with the Air conditioner. (the air has not worked sence the first below freezing day the car experienced)
The car began running rough right after I filled it with gas, had an oil change and ran it through the car wash. About a month before all this I ran a can of bg44k through it and it was running great untill that day.

Could this be a clog in the fuel system from bad gas? Do I really need to go to the Dealer for the 100,000 tune like they told me?
I'm not very good under the hood do I need to take it to the dealer or just a good Mechanic?
PS I found out that driving in 6 inches of snow makes the service ride control warning come on.

04-19-04, 05:33 PM
youd be fine taking your caddy to a GOOD mechanic for a tuneup.. Pretty universal stuff...

Have you had it up to the redline recently... If not, drive the poop out of a it for a little bit, and if that doesnt help, id recommend replacing the o2 sensors...