: Electrical/fuse related issue in the 81

09-03-07, 03:10 PM
This new 81 Fleetwood... the m #8 BODY (20amp) fuse was already out. This controlled the Level control, illuminated entry, door locks, courtsey lamps, gear select switch, rear guarter lights, vanity mirrors, power mirrors, rear compartment light, cig lighters, and door latch switchess.

Now i replaced this with the same 20 amp fuse... and everything now works, but when i close my door... or the button in the door jamb to shut the inside lights off is pushed, the red ENGINE TEMP light comes on on the dash and they annoying constant buzzing warning.... i open the door and the lights will come on in the interior, and the buzzer and temp light goes out.

This was apparently a issue in 99 when the car was last driven, as the fuse was already pulled.

Also.... this has benn doing it since i got it running... the NO CHARGE light will illuminate on the dash whenever the car is off, key in or out... after a few seconds of shutting the car off, and this light will come on, a faint "clicking" sound, like somethings running/ drawing will come on, and the no charge light will dim and brighten with this click. its very faint sound.

Any ideas??

09-04-07, 12:11 PM
I found a box under the dash on the passenger side, with a plug and a series of wires going into it, if its unpluged the light goes off (no charge light) and the sound stops. but the climate contorl also shuts off and same wiht the MPG readouts....

09-04-07, 11:20 PM
My '81 CDV had the charge light come on when the car was off. It turned out to be a burned out alternator (and the buzzing is probably because the light is on.)

Also, the BODY fuse powers the 8-6-4 solenoids IIRC - if the fuse keeps popping you might want to trace out the wires on the valve covers and inspect for shorts. The mechanical solenoids can pull up to 20 amps to engage them and 4-8 amps to hold them.