: Do I have to pay for applying TSBs ?

09-03-07, 08:46 AM
I dropped my car at the dealer to apply that tranny fix...

They are doing it right now, but they told me that I have to pay for TSBs... I told them "there is something wrong with your car and you are supposed to fix it under warranty"...

They said "You don't have to fix it".... I was like "huh"... I think they meant the car will not stop if I don't do it... If it's a recall, they will do it under warranty, but a TSB no...

what the....

then they said "Ok we will do it for you only this time"... Maybe the maintainance representative fell in love with me...

but Am really suppose to pay for them?...

I want them to apply one more TSB (the one with the creaky seats) but I still didn't tell them about it...

what do you think ?

09-03-07, 10:11 AM
I would not tell them about the TSB. Just take it in and tell them you have a problem. If they do not or can not fix the problem, then you might want to ask them about an outstanding TSB to fix the problem. I plan on doing the same thing for my seat in the next few weeks.

VA Maddog
09-03-07, 01:31 PM
You have run into a bad dealer rep. If the car is under warrantee and you have a problem that should be covered they should fix it at no charge. If you are kind enough to point them to a possible fix (The TSB) they should thank you. If you get this sort of BS treatment again I would ask politely to talk to the service manager. You can also try getting your service at a different dealership.

As far as strategy goes, you need to start the conversation with "I have noticed a problem with 'xyz" not "Can you apply this TSB for me?" after you explain the problem you can suggest that they refer to the TSB as you undrestand that it may correct the issue.

09-03-07, 08:27 PM
DO NOT pay for a TSB. Everyone else here gave great advice... Dealers for some reason get all pissy if you mention TSB, but if you complain of the problem mentioned in the TSB, then they can pretend they are amazing and all knowing and came up with an ingenious solution to the problem, we really know the solution was just the TSB. Just like going to a doctor and stating your problem and the treatment you need.

09-03-07, 08:37 PM
If there is a TSB that applies to your car and you ask them to fix it without complaining of the symptoms, they may not do it. So, like others have said, if you have the problem, let them know what the symptoms are, but it appears they really don't like you asking to have a TSB performed. I was having trouble with my bluetooth and told them about the problems and the TSB. Since the didn't have the discs and had to order them, they kept asking me what the problem was because they don't just perform TSBs when people ask.

09-04-07, 06:25 AM
I am confused, but.
If the car has a symptom, describe the symptom to them and let them find the bulletin. If they don't fix it you might ask them if there are any bulletins related to your problem and let them find it. If they can't find it then go somewhere else.
Don't think that there is something wrong with your car just because there is a bulletin on it. Not all cars are broken if a bulletin applies to that year, something needs to be wrong with the car to fix the car.
Simply doing some work to the car because there is a bulletin on it wastes your time and theirs.

If you actually have those symptoms and a bulletin exists, then they should fix it. If the car is still under factory warranty then a bulletin repair should be warranty as well.
I don't know all the circumstances of your situation but it sounds like maybe they can't duplicate the problem and you are fixated on the TSB so you want them to do it? From that standpoint I can see why they MIGHT want to charge you for it.. since they can't prove anything is wrong.
But then again, I don't know.
Every TSB I have ever seen has a labor operation that the dealer can submit for cars under warranty so they can get paid by the manufacturer for fixing your car.

09-04-07, 08:47 AM
First of all, I did what most of you wanted me to do... I told them there is something wrong with the transmission... There is some kind of chuggle and hard shifting between from 5th to 4th and 4th to 3rd or 2nd... guess what was their answer?...

Sorry, your transmission seems to work fine and nothing is wrong with .... showing them how it happens... they said "OH this is normal, you just have to push down the pedal harder to shift, that's it, simple and easy"...

I have to give them the TSB and beg them to do it... and then they came up with that "Pay for it" stuff...

As ewill said, they are going to be paid for the labour... and if there are any spare parts they will get it from the manufacturer... meaning, my money will go into their pocket...

anyways, I don't wanna rush and accuse anybody... I'll talk to the service manager and see how things will go...

maybe it's me who said something wrong, or didn't explain my point well to them..

09-04-07, 08:49 AM
Thanks for filling in more details.
I agree that at this point you need to have a conversation with the Service Manager and then from there maybe the General Manager if he can't do anything for you.

09-04-07, 10:43 AM
i had the same problem with a tsb for the voice recognition. i told them about the tsb and they said "we cannot perform the tsb unless there is something wrong" i said the voice recognition sucks and they were hesitant to perform it. after i got a little loud they said they would. they came back to me saying that all software upgrades had been done for my car and there was nothing to do. i think they bullshi@d me but who know.