View Full Version : Angel/Devils eyes????

09-02-07, 01:12 AM
Any info on Angel/Devil eyes for SRX/CTS.........serching all over net ..no luck so phar>>>:suspense:

09-02-07, 09:31 AM
Forgive my stupidity, but what are you referring to?

09-02-07, 12:43 PM
angel eyes are the round circles of light that surround the projector bulbs commonly seen on BMWs. they are sick

09-02-07, 08:32 PM
Ah So! Nope, not for me but, then I've got HID'd--would ruin the look, I'd think.

09-03-07, 02:26 AM
nope. the cts head lamp is to hard to open to even try to do the mod. same for the srx. and just a heads up they are called angel eyes not devil eyes. they only look good on small boxy head lamps like the bmw and base model 300.

09-07-07, 01:37 AM
Thanks for the replys........And by the way as you see im new to the board.... I just got an 04 SRX V8AWD GREY ON GREY SKYVIEW 3RD ROW REAR SEAT DVD 47,000 $21,495