: 1990 Brougham Ride Level broken :-( Help!

08-31-07, 05:40 PM
Hey all,

I have a 1990 Brougham d'Elegance, and the rear is sagging. The shocks seem ok, but when I looked underneath, the bars that must be for the ride adjustments are so rusted that one is snapped right in half. the car does seem overly bouncy and a little out of control around some corners. Does anyone have any idea if these parts are replaceable or even able to be ordered? I'm at a loss, its this darn northern NY weather that seems to be the culprit. Car is starting to rust quite a bit, and I think she will be in need to a paint job in the near future. I'd just scrap the car somedays, but it was left to my by my great grandmother who passed away last year, and I'd like to keep it up and try to fix it so I can keep it around for year to come. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.


09-01-07, 09:57 AM
There is a little control arm that is attached to the top of the pumpkin I believe, it's a small lever with about 4 wires coming out of it. Lay under your Brougham and push up and down on the bottom of the car and watch the little lever, how it works. This is what tells your compressor to kick in, or let air out. Disconnect it from the top of the differential, and raise it all the way up. The compressor should think you've got a heavy load in the trunk, so it'll want to pump air in to raise the rear. When it does this, the compressor will kick on after a few seconds, and you should see the car raising up.

This is the time to check for leaky shocks. When they get old, the seals in the shocks don't hold air. Mine were the same way, I crawled under there and I could actually feel the air with my hand escaping the shock. If your shocks leak, you can either replace them with new air shocks, or just forget about the level-ride and replace them with something different, I replaced mine with Bilsteins for a little stiffer ride. If the car seems bouncy and out of control, you most likely need new springs. To give you a rough estimate, It was about $200 labor for the mechanic to replace all 4 of my shocks and install 2 new rear-springs. I paid $320 for the shocks. New air shocks are much cheaper.