: New Swedish member

04-19-04, 07:55 AM
Hi, new member from Sweden. My first Cadillac car, Seville 1991.:)
My car have aDelco-Bose system sound system. To search station in Swedwn, FM , we have to skip in steps of 0.1 example 100.4, 100.5, 100.5 ....
In US you step with 0.2 example 100.3, 100,5, 100,7....
Can I change my radio to Europen settings? And how?

04-19-04, 08:53 AM
Welcome Conny!

Nice Seville! Its always nice to hear from our European friends. As far as tuning the radio, try posting this question in the Infotainment section for more specific information. Those guys are pretty sharp in there. Good luck.
Thanks for the pictures.

07-07-04, 01:05 AM
New pictures!

Check www.bigmeet.com (http://www.bigmeet.com)
The Biggest American show in the world in Västerås, Sweden. More cars, more people, more swap meet vendors than you can believe. A friendly carnival atmosphere makes Power Big Meet the ideal vacation spot!


07-07-04, 01:13 AM
:welcome: You don't drive a Volvo? :p That's a nice Seville. I also have a 1991 Cad, but a Fleetwood FWD. So what do you think of the 4.9 V8? Lotsa power, eh.

07-08-04, 01:02 PM
I drive a Volvo V70 -00 also but I prefer my Cadillac:) . The engine 4.9l is great. Compare to my Volvo, riding with my Cadillac is something totally different:worship: .

07-09-04, 12:43 PM
Welcome aboard, Conny! Thank you for signing up. And thanks for posting up the pictures! If you get some free time, add them to our image section. :)