: Any ideas on how to cap an oil well?

Dave's '88
08-30-07, 10:20 PM
My '88 Brougham 5.0 is leaking oil like an S.O.B. I just did an UV leak test (NAPA) and found a few smaller leaks by the oil pan etc. but the biggest one leaves me needing some help. It's from the front of the engine just under the intake manifold and right behind where the water pump mounts, there is also an sending unit that mounts at this point. Any idea's ? I believe that this moght be the timing chain cover leaking as I dont think that the intake manifold can leak oil ? or possibly could be the sending unit leaking (oil pressure) Am I right on track with my thinking? I would like to fix this as I dont like leaving oil everywhere I park (not a good image for a Caddy):cool2: Any help would be great ... thanks Dave

08-30-07, 10:32 PM
Did you wash the engine first? You need to do this, because you will be able to tell where the oil is coming from on a clean engine.

08-30-07, 11:11 PM
Chewing gum??

08-31-07, 01:25 AM
When my Buick was leaking oil like a mad bastard from a blown main seal and pan gasket, a bottle of STP and the high-mileage oil turned a gush into a trickle. This was a BIG help because it was a while before I could get it fixed. See how it takes to STP.

08-31-07, 07:56 AM
Sounds like the oil pressure switch. They fail, and the bitch of it is it's easy to cross thread those suckers and completely **** them up. I did that, the solution?

Epoxy. An entire tube. Worked great, still working great.

Thread a new one in, epoxy the **** out of it at the top, no more leaking problem.

Failing that, find the right sized bolt, put a washer on it, RTV the washer and bolt, screw in.

The Ape Man
08-31-07, 11:48 AM
It's probably the oil pressure sender. You might need a specialty socket to change it. If it's more than that you have to clean every last bit of oil off with fast drying solvent like Berkibile 2+2 carbonator spray, wait for it all to dry completely and then goober it with RTV silicone as mentioned. The orange high heat stuff it great. It takes 1 full day to cure completely. I've used this stuff to fill oil leaks in oil pans including one which was damaged with a forklift. It works fine if done carefully.